Funeral bombing - video of aftermath

Mobile phone video shows shock and grief in aftermath of Saudi air strike on Yemeni funeral on 8 October 2016

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Yemen: The 'forgotten war' cloaked in the shadow of Syria

By Hakim Almasmari and Angela Dewan, for CNN

Sanaa (CNN)Dozens of schools and hospitals have been bombed. Foreign powers have carried out deadly airstrikes. Political chaos has created a vacuum for militant groups like ISIS to flourish and sieges have cut off rebel-held areas from desperately needed aid.

You might think this is a picture of war-torn Syria, but it is in fact Yemen, where a bloody civil war has created what the UN calls a "humanitarian catastrophe."

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Video of Saudi airstrike on Yemen funeral hall

Video of Saudi airstrike on Yemen funeral hall wake. 1st airstrike followed by 2nd strike to hit rescuers.

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UK Channel 4 News video on plight of Yemen's children

Channel 4 News Video

These are the desert graves of Yemen's displaced children.
Millions have fled their war torn homes and now many are stranded and malnourished in camps around the country.

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One woman's lonely struggle against famine in Yemen

BBC article by Nawal al-Maghafi

After two years of war in Yemen and a Saudi-led blockade lasting 18 months millions of people are slowly starving - some are already dying for lack of food. One doctor in the Red Sea port city of Hudaydah is doing all she can to save them.

In her 20 years as a doctor Ashwaq Muharram has never seen things so bad.

"I'm seeing the same thing I used to watch on TV when the famine unfolded in Somalia," she tells me. "I never thought I would see this in Yemen."

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Watch Starving Yemen on Our World at 21:30 BST, Saturday 24 September on the BBC News Channel - in the UK, you can catch up later on the BBC iPlayer

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From the Margin of Life into the Heart of War

This documentary, from Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, focuses one of several Saudi airstrikes that destroyed civilian homes and killed members of the "Muhammashin (Marginalized)" social class.

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Reuters - Malnutrition grows in war-ravaged Yemen

Reuters video, 21 September 2016

Malnutrition grows in war-ravaged Yemen

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Crowds Cheer a New Governing Council in Yemen


Thousands gathered in Sana, the capital, to celebrate the formation of a new coalition governing body and to denounce airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition.

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Video documentary on Yemen War

Video posted by Hisham Al-Radhi

I am not sure of its date of original posting.

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UN: UK fuelling Yemen civil war with arms sales to Saudi Arabia

UK's International Development Committee - Government and stakeholders questioned on humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Wednesday 27 January 2016, Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster

The International Development Committee hears from non-governmental organisations and from Department of International Development and Foreign and Commonwealth Office Ministers on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the UK Government's response.

Purpose of the session
This session covers the scale of the crisis and how effectively DFID and other strands of Government have responded to protect civilians and ensure adherence to international humanitarian law.

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View a written transcript of the meetings here

This is a video of two one-hour meetings. If you have the time to watch it, it gives an invaluable insight into the UK's response to the Yemen Crisis.

In the first meeting at 1pm, the committee questions a panel of four expert witnesses on the Yemen crisis, as follows:

Julien Harneis, Head of UNICEF Yemen
Josephine Hutton, Regional Programme Manager, Middle East, Oxfam
Grant Pritchard, Director of Advocacy, Media and Communications on Yemen, Save the Children
Roy Isbister, Head of Arms Unit, Saferworld

I found this meeting encouraging in that it demonstrates that DfID (the Department for International Development) has a real desire to understand the facts about Yemen and to provide humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people. However, it is also very clear from this meeting that the UK has a paradoxical policy towards Yemen. On the one hand, DfID is providing humanitarian assistance. On the other hand, the policy of the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) to support the Saudi-led coalition and to continue its licencing of arms sales to Saudi is undermining the efforts of DfID. The first meeting makes it very clear that the UK must stop its arms sales to Saudi.

In the second meeting at 2.00pm, the committee questions the following members of the UK government:

Rt Hon Desmond Swayne MP, Minister of State for International Development
Juliette John, Head of DFID Yemen, Department for International Development
Tobias Ellwood MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Nicholas Alton, Deputy Head of Arabian Peninsula and Iran, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

This second meeting is very disappointing in that it demonstrates the government's clear and unwavering support for the Saudi-led coalition, as well as justification for its refusal to support the Dutch call for an independent enquiry into human rights violations in Yemen. The meeting closes with the chair saying, "On that rather unsatisfactory note, I think we have run out of time", which about says it all.

Who Voted to Bomb Yemen? Asks Angus Robertson SNP

goingundergroundRT video:

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on British backed airstrikes in Yemen with leader of the SNP in Westminster Angus Robertson. We talk about the UK military support for the Saudi-led coalition.

Angus Robertson: 'Britain effectively at war in Yemen'

PMQs: Robertson and Cameron on Yemen

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, Angus Robertson, the SNP’s leader at Westminster, said thousands of civilians were being killed in Yemen including by the Saudi air force.

Mr Robertson said this was happening using British-built planes, with pilots trained by British instructors and bombs “co-ordinated with the help of British advisers”, suggesting the UK was already effectively involved in a war in Yemen.

David Cameron said the UK was not a member of the Saudi-led coalition, its military personnel were not directly involved and that the UK was “not involved in the Saudi targeting decision making process”.

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The forgotten war in Yemen

YouTube video by Joseph Tabona:

Hospitals in Yemen on brink of shutting down

Video by Al-Jazeera

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Bombing of schools by Saudi Arabia-led coalition a flagrant attack on future of Yemen's children

Amnesty International report and video:

Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces have carried out a series of air strikes targeting schools that were still in use, in violation of international humanitarian law, and hampering access to education for thousands of Yemen’s children, said Amnesty International in a new briefing published today. The coalition forces are armed by states including the USA and UK.

The briefing ‘Our kids are bombed’: Schools under attack in Yemen, investigates five air strikes on schools which took place between August and October 2015 killing five civilians and injuring at least 14, including four children, based on field research in Yemen. While students were not present inside the schools during the attacks, the strikes caused serious damage or destruction which will have long-term consequences for students.

“The Saudi Arabia-led coalition launched a series of unlawful air strikes on schools being used for educational – not for military – purposes, a flagrant violation of the laws of war,” said Lama Fakih, Senior Crisis Advisor at Amnesty International who recently returned from Yemen.

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Download the full briefing 'Our kids are bombed: Schools under attack in Yemen'.

View Amnesty International's video, 'Yemen: Bombing of schools by Saudi Arabia-led coalition'.

Yemen video - 'Bombs fall from the sky day and night'

Amnesty International researchers visited Yemen in June and July 2015 and gathered evidence of serious violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes in Sa'da in northeastern Yemen. They investigated 13 deadly airstrikes which killed some 100 civilians including 59 children. They also documented the use of internationally banned cluster bombs.

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