UNICEF Yemen Crisis Situation Report

Six months have passed since the escalation of the conflict in Yemen on 26 March 2015. These months of unremitting violence have left at least 505 children dead and 702 injured. Across the country, nearly 10 million children – 80 per cent of the country’s under-18 population – remain in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. More than 1.4 million people have been forced to flee their homes.

The last six months have also seen a growing number of attacks on civilians and vital infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, bridges and roads. Verified reports show that since March 2015, 41 schools and 61 hospitals have been attacked or damaged as a result of the fighting. Furthermore, at least 606 children have been recruited by armed groups and armed forces, according to the UNICEF-led Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM).

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